Cannabis Use: Impact in Washington State
Data on the sale of retail cannabis, cannabis-related arrests and treatment admissions among adults and adolescents, and perceptions of and use of cannabis by youth in Washington. (ADAI, 2017)

Cannabis Use by Teens in WA
Data from the 2021 Healthy Youth Survey about teen use of cannabis (rates of use, where they obtain it, perceived risk, etc.). (HYS, 2021)

Exposure Trends During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Special Focus: Cannabis (THC)
Reports to the Washington Poison Center of THC exposures in 2020 showing increasing trends in unintentional exposures in young children and intentional exposures in adolescents and adults. Learn more about these Exposure Trends snapshots in this recorded discussion with a Washington Poison Center Certified Specialist in Poison Information. (WA Poison Center, 2020)

WA Young Adult Health Survey: Cannabis 
Report on the results of an internet-based survey of young adult recreational cannabis use conducted in 2021. (CSHRB, DSHS, 2021)

WA Young Adult Health Survey: Perceived & Reported Use
Highlights of the alcohol- and cannabis-related findings from the 2015 Washington State Young Adult Health Survey (YAHS). (CSHRB, DSHS, 2016)

WA Young Adult Health Survey: Change in MJ Use Over Time 
Information from the Young Adult Health Survey, 2014-2016. (CSHRB, DSHS, 2018)

WA Young Adult Health Survey: Simultaneous Alcohol & Marijuana Use
Information from the Young Adult Health Survey on “cross fading” simultaneous use of alcohol and cannabis, 2015 and 2016. (CSHRB, DSHS, 2018)

Marijuana Use Surveys 
Matrix describing the major surveys for both youth and adults that provide state-level estimates. (ADAI, 2016)

Measuring Youth Cannabis Use in WA
The current state of data collection methods measuring use of cannabis by youth. (WSIPP, 2019)