Products & Modes of Use

Learn About Cannabis 5 Products & Modes of Use

Personal Experiences with High-THC Cannabis
On this page you will hear directly from parents, health care providers, and individuals who share how high-THC products have affected their families, their clients, or themselves. (ADAI, 2024)

Learn About Marijuana E-Learning Module: Concentrates, Edibles & Flowers
Online training module (about 15 minutes long) on the different types of cannabis products and how they are used. (ADAI, 2017)

Vaping & Dabbing Cannabis
Devices and products currently available in Washington State for vaping cannabis, what is currently known about them, and what more we need to know about vaping marijuana. (ADAI, 2016)

Cannabis Edibles
What edibles are, why they may seem stronger, how they are sold in Washington State, how they may affect you differently than smoking. (ADAI, 2014)

High THC Cannabis Concentration and Health Risks: Research Brief
This brief, based on a report and consensus statement developed by a workgroup of researchers from both the UW and WSU, provides a summary of the scientific evidence on health risks related to cannabis concentration and high-potency / high THC cannabis products like shatter, wax, butters and oils used for dabbing and also as ingredients to produce vaping cartridges, infused joints, and as the main mind-altering ingredient for edibles. (ADAI, 2020)