Health Risks

Learn About Cannabis 5 Health Risks
Cannabis Addiction
Most people who use cannabis don’t get addicted to it or experience harm. However, it’s a myth that cannabis is not addictive. Cannabis addiction, also called Cannabis Use Disorder (CUD), is a condition that impairs social functioning, decision-making, and school/work performance. (ADAI, 2024)

Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome
Learn more about the group of symptoms known medically as Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS). These symptoms include nausea that doesn’t respond to medication, intense vomiting episodes, and abdominal pain. While this syndrome was previously rare, CHS cases have become more common in the last decade. (ADAI, 2024)

The Role of Cannabis in Psychosis and Schizophrenia
Discusses the role of cannabis in the development of psychosis and schizophrenia. It has become increasingly clear that cannabis use contributes to increasing rates of psychotic disorders, earlier symptoms, and poorer treatment outcomes. (ADAI, 2024)

Mental Health and Cannabis
Information about studies exploring the link between cannabis use and mental health symptoms. (ADAI, 2017)

Secondhand Cannabis Smoke 
Potential health risks from secondhand cannabis smoke and how it compares to secondhand tobacco smoke.  (ADAI, 2018)

Cannabis and Pregnancy
How cannabis affects pregnancy, infants and fertility. (ADAI, 2024)

Personal Experiences with High-THC Cannabis
On this page you will hear directly from parents, health care providers, and individuals who share how high-THC products have affected their families, their clients, or themselves. (ADAI, 2024)